get book reviews - authors need reviewsRead For Review helps authors and publishers run a review campaign to get more reviews for their book(s).

When readers look for books on Amazon or other online bookstores, they want to see what other readers think about the book. If a book has 30 good reviews, readers are more likely to purchase it over a book with zero reviews. Many promotional sites also require a book to have at least 5 or 10 positive reviews before they will promote the book.

why authors need reviewsHow we work:

We have a large database of reviewers, readers, and bloggers who enjoy reading books. Some specialize in certain genres while others enjoy a wide variety of books.

Once you place an order, we email bloggers and reviewers who are interested in books in your genre. They can then request a review copy of the book. We then send a copy of the book to a certain number of those who requested a copy and they will review the book within two weeks. Amazon has changed it’s review policy, so we can not mandate the reviewers leave reviews, but we do encourage them to leave reviews and send follow up emails to reviewers reminding them to leave a review and providing them links on where they can leave the review.

When you order, you will select how many reviews you want and you will receive that many reviews on within 45 business days or we will refund part of your purchase price. We do have a free option where you can submit your book to us in hopes for one free review. This is not a guaranteed review.

Reviews are guaranteed to be on  Reviews might also be posted on or on a blog, but it’s not mandatory for our reviewers to leave reviews there.

Please note: We CANNOT GUARANTEE that all of the reviews will be positive reviews. The bloggers and reviewers we work with will leave their HONEST Review/Opinion of your book.Kindle Reviews Important For Authors

You are NOT buying positive reviews! You are contracting us to help you reach bloggers and reviewers who enjoy reading and who want to leave an honest review of your book.

Please Note:

There is no guarantee any reviews received will be good. These are honest reviews.

You’re not buying reviews (which would get you in a lot of trouble with Amazon). You’re buying the opportunity to expose your book to interested readers.

Bloggers and reviewers do NOT work for us. They are NOT paid to review your book.


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